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Imagine. Create. Manifest.
Ritual is in your hands.

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Mind the Ritual Gap

Read a quick deep dive into the what, why, and how of creative ritual. 

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Welcome to the Ritual Renaissance.

How do rituals work?

(And do they really work?)

Reinventing Ritual is a place where you can be part of the ritual renaissance. In 2021, I began a project that is now the draft of a book, one that introduces you to emergent rituals through storytelling and brainstorming exercises. Reinventing Ritual looks at the Jewish and secular landscape of the past two decades and asks: Why did this ritual emerge? Does this ritual resonate with you? What do you need from a ritual at this moment? Here is your invitation to explore the grassroots nature of ritual and bring new experiences to life in the sacred and secular realms.

The Reinventing Ritual Project wants to hear from you! What have you done with ritual lately? In turn, we will empower you to experiment with the adaptation of old rituals (innovation) and the design of brand new rituals (invention).

 Welcome to the world of Jewish ritual design, where you can rewrite traditions and create new ones.

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Let's play with ritual recipe.

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Elements of Ritual:
4 Secular Principles & 2 Jewish Fundamentals

Adapted from the Principles of Ritual,

"Rituals for Work: 50 Ways to Create" Engagement, Shared Purpose, and a Culture that Can Adapt to Change,

April 2019

Kursat OzencMargaret Hagan

#1 Rituals have a magical, indescribable factor

#2 Rituals are done with intentionality while tuned into a special moment

#3 A ritual carries a symbolic value, that gives a sense of purpose & goes beyond the practical

#4 A ritual evolves over time to better suit the people and the situation

#5 Rituals must look and feel authentic to the tradition

#6 Rituals get stronger through repetition (hazakah)

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The Jewish Ritual Toolbox

The Tools of Authenticity, Adapted from Inventing Ritual, Vanessa Ochs, 2007

Sacred Texts

Ritual Objects

Sacred Concepts

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Recommended Reading

Your nightstand will thank you.

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Kursat Ozenc and Margaret Hagan

Experience the transformative power of creative rituals in the workplace
Rituals for Work shows us how creative rituals can make our personal and business lives more meaningful and rewarding. Rituals are powerful tools: they reinforce good habits, motivate personal and professional achievement, create a common bond between co-workers and build shared values; they can transform an organization’s culture and provide a foundation to achieve common goals. Focusing on real-world examples, this book takes a practical approach to the power and benefits of workplace rituals. This insightful guide presents 50 creative rituals, from business and management to design and personal development. Specific case studies highlight the use of rituals and their positive impact to real-world organizations, while vivid visuals allow us to feel their energy and emotion.
A ritual is only effective when its purpose is clearly defined. This book goes beyond simple analysis to provide actual recipes for individual rituals designed to promote specific habits, change negative behaviors, and instill values. Each ritual can be adapted to achieve a multitude of goals and tailored to fit your organization or team’s specific needs.
●      Change behaviors, form positive habits, and assign meaning to shared goals
●      Build shared values, foster innovation, and encourage strong teamwork
●      Deal with conflicts effectively and engage others to work on resolutions
●      Learn the fundamental concepts of ritual-building and share your knowledge with your team
An informative and inspirational resource for executives, managers, team leaders, and employees of every level, Rituals for Work provides a blueprint for building a culture of engagement, innovation, and shared purpose for organizations of all sizes, across industries.

Rabbi Cantor Hillary Chorny


Meet RCHC, founder and director of Reinventing Ritual.

Rabbi Cantor Hillary Chorny is the Cantor at Temple Beth Am in Los Angeles, California.  She completed her cantorial investiture, rabbinical ordination, and a Masterʼs degree in Sacred Music at the Jewish Theological Seminary before joining the staff of Temple Beth Am in August, 2014. Raised in San Diego, CA, she grew up with a deep attachment to the Conservative Jewish community. In 2008, Hillary graduated American University in Washington, D.C. with a B.A. in Jewish studies and a minor in vocal jazz performance. After working as a Judaics instructor and music director in various Jewish communities and camps, Hillary pursued her dream of becoming a cantor. In time, she was inspired by her teachers and family to also pursue the rabbinate.

For several years, Hillary has co-produced the Sacred Sounds Unbound concert series with burgeoning Jewish music artists and the Kol Tefilla conference on prayer experiences with United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Hillary is an instructor for first year students at the Ziegler School of Rabbinical Studies. She is an avid writer, and is currently enrolled in UCLA’s extension program for a certificate in creative nonfiction writing. She also serves on the advisory board of the Jewish Sacred Music Foundation. She and her husband, Rabbi Daniel Chorny, met in Israel, and continue to enjoy learning together with their two children, Ella and Yossi.

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